Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last Day in Haiti

Our last day ended up being like most last days, busy. Cosmin ended up going to a neighborhood where something like 90 percent of the homes were destroyed. Many dead bodies are still decaying under the rubble there.

Meanwhile I was with Sebastien’s Uncle and we found a driver and headed to the house where Sebastien was trapped for three days. That was really sobering. Standing there beside Sebastien’s Uncle knowing that his mother (Sebastien’s Grandmother) was dead under the rubble of the house in front of me. Looking at the house it’s hard to imagine that anyone survived.

Thanks to a tip from Dr. Archer, the medical director of the hospital, we found someone who had taken video the day of the earthquake and for the next three days. We got a copy of the footage and it is unbelievable. People are running around screaming, covered in dust, carrying people on their shoulders, dragging corpses out of the rubble, the streets are crowded, and it just goes on and on.

Our trip has been a good one. I think that we both hope that what we do can somehow positively effects the Haitian people. What do you do when people come up to you and ask if you can help them with the necessities of life. Water, food, shelter. These are things that many, many Haitians don’t have access to.

Now the edit begins. For the next few months we'll be editing the film, working out the story lines and reliving our experience everyday through our footage.


Julia March 2, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

Lykke til med arbeidet gutter og Gud må hjelpe dere til å lage noe fint og nyttig. Tusen takk for en kjempe fin blogg, det var som å være der hele tiden, ved siden av dere. Lykke til videre med de andre prosjektene. Masse klem og hilsen fra Cosmin!s mamma

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