Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Night

We hung out in the ER for a few hours last night, but like usual when we’re there it’s slow. But, in peds an approximately 27-week-old baby came in. She was born in the camp outside the hospital, she still had some dirt on her. Every effort was made to transfer her to a medical facility that could provide life support but none could be found. The nurse on duty called a doctor in the US to get some advice, the doctor gave her a 50 percent chance of surviving the night. At 2am the baby was doing good but the mother was running a fever.

We made it until about 2am and then crashed. We had been up since about 5:30am Saturday morning.

Today the plan is to get some interviews, talk with a patient outside who lost his leg and has a wife and two small children, and spend some more time with Sebastien.


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